NCERT Exercise

Draw a labelled diagram of a neuron.

Related Questions Tissues

The outer protective layer or bark of a tree is known as the cork. It is made up of dead cells. Therefore, it protects the plant against mechanical injury, temperature extremes, etc. It also prevents the loss of water by evaporation.

Tissue is a group of cells that are similar in structure and are organized together to perform a specific task.

Complete the table:


Match the column (A) with the column (B)

Ans. a�(i); b�(ii); c�(iv); d�(iii); e�(v);

- Cells of cork are dead at maturity
- These cells are compactly arranged
- Cells do not possess intercellular spaces.
- Cells possess a chemical substances suberin in their walls
- They are several layers thick.

b) As plants grow older, a strip of secondary meristem replaces the epidermis of the stem. Cells cut on the outer side by this meristem are called cork.

c) They are protective in function for older stem/twigs/branches. They are impervious to gases and water.