NCERT Exercise

Name the regions in which parenchyma tissue is present.

Leaves, fruits, and flowers are the regions where the parenchyma tissue is present.

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Differentiate the following activities on the basis of voluntary (V) or involuntary (IV) muscles.
(a) Jumping of frog
(b) Pumping of the heart
(c) Writing with hand
(d) Movement of chocolate in your intestine
Ans. (a)—V, (b)—IV, (c)—V, (d) —IV

Xylem is composed of following elements:
→ Tracheids
→ Vessels
→ Xylem parenchyma
→ Xylem fibres

Match the column (A) with the column (B)

Ans. a�(v); b�(iv); c�(iii); d�(i); e�(ii); f�(vi);

A special type of parenchyma; called aernchyma is present in water hyacinth. This tissue has air-filled spaces inside. Due to this, water hyacinth floats on water surface.

(a) Cork cells possesses __________ on their walls that makes it impervious to gases and water.
Ans. suberin
(b) __________ have tubular cells with perforated walls and are living in nature.
Ans. sieve tubes
(c) Bone possesses a hard matrix composed of __________ and __________.
Ans. calcium and phosphorus