NCERT Exercise

Name the regions in which parenchyma tissue is present.

Leaves, fruits, and flowers are the regions where the parenchyma tissue is present.

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The functions of stomata are:
→ The exchange of gases (CO2 and O2) with the atmosphere.
→ The loss of excess water in the form of water vapour which is known as transpiration.

The constituents of phloem are:
→ Sieve tubes
→ Companion cells
→ Phloem parenchyma
→ Phloem fibres

The loss of ability to divide by taking up a permanent shape, size and function is called differentiation

Complete the table:


A special type of parenchyma; called aernchyma is present in water hyacinth. This tissue has air-filled spaces inside. Due to this, water hyacinth floats on water surface.