State any two conditions essential for being free of disease.

Two conditions essential for being disease-free are: 
→ Person should take balance diet. 
→ Personal and community hygiene. 

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(i) Sleeping sickness caused by Trypanosoma/ Malaria by plasmodium
(ii) Kala-azar caused by Leishmania

The following precautions must be taken by a doctor/ nurse/ health-worker:
→ Wearing a mask when in contact with a diseased person.
→ Keeping yourself covered while moving around an infected place.
→ Drinking safe water.
→ Eating healthy and nutritious food.
→ Ensuring proper cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Common symptoms which indicate sickness are:
→ Headache
→ Cough
→ Dysentery 

If only one of these symptoms is present, we usually do not visit a doctor. This is because such symptoms do not have much effect on our general health and ability to work. However, if a person is experiencing these symptoms for quite sometime, then he needs to visit a doctor for proper treatment.

Give two examples for each of the following
(a) Acute diseases
(b) Chronic diseases
(c) Infectious diseases
(d) Non-infectious diseases
Ans. (a) Viral fever, Flu
(b) Elephantiasis, Tuberculosis (TB)
(c) Small pox, Chicken pox
(d) Diabetes, Goitre

Some children have weak immune system which can happen because of various reasons. 
A child may not be getting balanced diet. A child may be living in congested and unhygienic locality. A child may not be getting clean drinking water. These children are at more risk of falling ill than others living in the same locality.