NCERT Solution: Peasants and Farmers


Peasants and Farmers MCQ 1

Q.11. In 1831, Cyrus McCormick invented the first mechanical reaper. What was its most Important advantage?
(a) In could harvest 50 acres of wheat (b) 500 acres of wheat could be harvested in two weeks
(c) It could cut grass on large areas (d) It could prepare the ground for cultivation

Q.12. Which one of these is not the correct option for the cause of the Great Agrarian Depression in the USA?
(a) Production had declined rapidly (b) Storehouses overflowed with grain
(c) Vast amount of corn and wheat were turned into animal feed (b) Wheat prices fell and export markets collapsed

Q.13. What did the settlers of the Great Plains realise after the 1930s?
(a) Using older methods of cultivation were better than modern machines
(b) Competition with other countries was not healthy
(c) They had to respect the ecological conditions of each region
(d) None of the above

Q.14. What was Chinese Emperor’s order about the use of opium in China?
(a) The British were allowed to sell opium in China
(b) The Chinese Emperor told his people to cultivate more and more opium
(c) The Emperor had forbidden its production and sale except for medicinal purposes
(d) None of the above
Q.15. In 1839, who was sent by the Emperor to Canton as a Special Commissioner to stop the opium trade?
(a) I­tsing (b) Lin Ze­xu (c) Lao­Tsu (d) None of the above

Q.16. What was the result of the ‘Opium War’ (1837­42)?
(a) China was forced to accept the humiliating terms of the subsequent treaties signed
(b) It had to legalise the opium trade
(c) It had to open up China to foreign merchants
(d) All the above

Q.17. What did the enclosure imply?
(a) It meant green fields (b) Piece of land enclosed from all sides
(c) It meant open fields (d) Vast area of marshy land

Q.18. The Great Agrarian Depression of the 1930s was caused by
(a) overproduction of wheat (b) fall of wheat production
(c) rise in the price of wheat (d) overproduction of rice

Q.19. Opium was exported from India to:
(a) China
(b) Rome
(c) U.K.
(d) Portugal

Q.20. The Manchus were
(a) Chinese rulers
(b) Roman rulers
(c) Indian rulers
(d) Portuguese rulers


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